Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover

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Expand Size:

3XS: high 77* diameter 58CM;

2XS: 100*80*66CM;

 XS: 150*100*60CM;

  S: 145*117*61;

  M: 150*100*125;

  L: 170*60*117CM;

 XL: 190*71*117CM


Size after storage:

 3XL, 2XS, XS is 25*20*1CM;

  S, M, L, XL is 30*25*2CM

1.This black BBQ grill cover blocks UV rays, is colorfast and fade resistant, and protects against rain, sleet, snow, water and more.
2.This BBQ grill cover fits a wide range of makes, models and brands.
3.This heavy duty BBQ grill cover is rip resistant, waterproof, sun-safe and weatherproof.
4.The BBQ grill cover is durability and practical.
5.Whether it's outdoors or at home, this grill cover is a good choice.

Package included:1*Cover

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