Retro Unisex 20-Inch Mini Ferry Bicycle

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FIXED GFAR, also known as FIXED gear, FIXED gear bicycle is a bicycle without one-way free wheel, and the wheels and pedals are always in a state of linkage. It is said that the flywheel is fixed on flower-drum_and cannot rotate freely. Rear flywheel is connected to the tooth plate through a chain, and the force acting on the pedal will act on the rear wheel after the gear ratio is enlarged, this makes the pedal unable to remain stationary.
Dead-flying and track bicycle are similar bicycles, but dead-flying riding areas are not limited to venues. Most of the early bicycles adopted the design of fixed gear (dead flywheel), which was basically replaced by one-way free wheel (live flywheel). Since the 1970 s, it has become popular in New York and other places. It was first used by messengers and couriers to deliver letters through bicycles. Later, it spread in Japan and Taiwan and became a new cultural symbol





Fork Material: STEEL
Frame Material: STEEL
Rim Material: Aluminum Alloy
Type: Utility Bicycle
Net Weight: 14.5kg
Load Capacity: 120kg
Gross Weight: 14.5kg
Wheel Size: 20"