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How is coffee made?


Raw coffee beans come from the berries of the Coffea plant, which only grows in tropical or semi-tropical climates with an annual rainfall of at least 70 inches. Once the berries have ripened, they are quickly picked and processed to prevent spoilage. The berries are then processed in one of two ways.

The dry method consists of sun-drying the berries and hulling them in cylinders to expose the seeds. After the outer layer has been removed, the beans are sorted based on their size. Alternatively, the wet method involves washing, pulping and macerating the berries to induce fermentation. The beans are then removed, washed and dried.

They then typically go through a storage period before they are roasted and distributed.

Today, the U.S. coffee market is worth over $75 billion. With all this consumption and popularity, it's a wonder that only 35 percent of coffee drinkers prefer their coffee black. If so many people love coffee and drink it daily, why do so few drink it in its purest form?

Some people add milk or sugar because they like the taste of coffee, but not the bitterness. Others don't like coffee at all and only drink it for the caffeine. However, some coffee aficionados claim you shouldn't need cream or sugar if you drink high-quality coffee.

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